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Darren Rosa has been tattooing in New York City for an unbelievable 32 years (unbelievable to all the people who thinks he's not showing that kind of age :) ) Starting out in his bedroom in Washington Heights, and then a coop apartment in Inwood New York, business continued to thrive until sharing a loft apartment on 5th Avenue with leather-smith David Menkes was in order. In 1989 the name Rising Dragon Graphics was chosen as a way to progress in the underground tattoo scene, and legitimize the business as a tax paying entity 8 years before the ban on tattooing in New York City was lifted. March of 1997 mayor Rudolph Guliani signed the bill into law and the business was moved into a ground floor store space on the property of the Hotel Chelsea. As the bill was being honed Darren attended meetings with the City Council and witnessed first hand the making of history. Tattooing had been illegal since 1961, and 36 years later the ban was finally lifted.

Darren has always had a passion for dragons. In the third grade won an art contest with the picture of a medieval dragon and earned a cash prize of a dollar. At the age of 8 years old his art earning it's first money. Money from a student loan bought the initial tattoo setup. Funds well spent by the government as the business continues to pay back that loan plus much interest! Having been discouraged from following art as a career Darren studied electricity, then arts & sciences, pre-medicine, before finally choosing Psychology as a major in college. Darren earned a Bachelor's degree in Research Psychology while wrestling with his passion for tattooing in college. Years later one or the other had to be the full time passion, and after meeting his idols like Jack Rudy, Ed Hardy and Shotsie Gorman at a pivotal tattoo convention in Orlando Florida the choice was made. Many many hours, weeks, months, years, satisfying the ink hunger of Manhattan, the Bronx and Yonkers honed his reputation as a man who cares about his art and the people he puts it on.

When not tattooing Darren enjoys hanging with his three young sons, and riding any motorcycle made by Triumph, particularly the new models out of Hinckley UK.

Darren specializes in detailed organic shapes, great with portraits, unique tribal and japanese style sleeves and chest pieces.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Here's a little time lapse video of Darren working on a Hannya Mask Tattoo:


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