Why are we posting our own review page? Because people who are really happy have been opening new Yelp accounts and posting only one great review for Rising Dragon, and because they are new users, and not "Yelpers" or frequent users, their reviews are being filtered or deleted by Yelp from our page and thus lowering our "star average" . Judge for yourself how relevant they are:

From Donald M., Bronx, NY, (5 Stars) 2011:

I've had four tattoos done by Darren, Two Celtic, one Nordic and one very large full chest tribal which came out f**king awesome! Great work each time with him taking his time making sure each one came out as percfect as possible. He took the time to understand what you wanted, make suggestions and unlike other artists that I've had friends go will not make you feel you are on a assembly line and doesn't give you a hassle about doing or rushes touch up work if you want. The studio is nice, clean and everyone is very friendly with a nice down home feel to it.

Sarah H., Mineola, NY, (5 Stars) 2013:

After getting over my many-years-long fear of having something permanent on my body, I decided I was ready for my first tattoo. (I have multiple piercings [clavicles, eyebrow, nape] and tend to get asked why I don't have any tats. lol.) After much Internet research (I wanted it to be as perfect as possible, because I'm really afraid of getting something I'll regret later on in life), I decided I wanted a Latin phrase on each wrist. I spent hours and hours researching fonts and tattoo shops and tattoo artists, and eventually decided on Rising Dragon. There are a lot of great tattoo shops in the city, but this one really stood out to me because the shop's owner, Darren, seemed really honest and decent and like he really cares about making the shop the best it can be, and having really happy customers. The way he writes on the website is so friendly and heartful, while the other shops' websites were a lot more impersonal...I just felt like I connected with Rising Dragon and not the others. Plus, Darren actually responds to negative reviews on Yelp and addresses complaints - big, big plus in my book. I decided I wanted to be tattooed by Paolino, whose portfolio was the most impressive and his linework is so clean and neat.

When I went in for my consultation with Paolino, I was kinda nervous because I had this expectation that anyone who works at a tattoo shop must be way cooler than me...I guess I was worried they'd look down their noses at me? But the receptionist was actually super nice, and totally normal (I really don't know what I was When Paolino came over to talk to me, he was quite the gentleman, I explained what I wanted and showed him the printout that I brought with a few fonts that I liked, and he ended up really liking my top choice, so it worked out nicely. Then he asked me if I wanted to go ahead and just do the tattoo that night, which I wasn't expecting, but I excitedly agreed (it was really convenient because I live in Nassau and it's kind of a schlep to get out to the shop). He asked me to wait for a little while so he could finish up some stuff and I obliged. It felt to me like I waited forever for him to be ready to start, but my boyfriend (who came along as moral support and also because I'm useless at navigating my way through the city) tells me it was only like 15 minutes, so I guess I was freaking out pretty bad, haha. Anyway, I didn't mind the wait because I liked looking through the artist portfolios in the reception area, and also because I figured it's always in my best interest to let my tattoo artist take as much time as they need to get ready, and RELAXED, before working on me.

I won't go into much detail about the actual tattooing process, but for anyone reading this who's never been tattooed and is wondering about the pain, I'll put it this way: my shoulder hurt more from having to hold my arm completely still in a not-exactly-natural angle for such a long time than the actual tattooing did.

The tat came out just gorgeous - which I realize is kind of a strange word to describe a text tattoo - but it looks EXACTLY like the font I chose. As I told Paolino after he was done, it looks like I shoved my arm into a printer and printed it out directly onto my wrist. He really did an amazing job, and I'm beyond thrilled with it...I can't stop looking at my wrists and grinning. We talked a bit while he was working and it's clear he really takes pride in his artistry, especially his fine lining and detail. And he was so hospitable - he kept offering me and my boyfriend food (as my boyfriend said later on, he *is* Italian).

The tattoo was $150, which was totally fine with me as it's actually more like 2 separate small tattoos, I actually would've been willing to pay more since it was such a job well done.

So in conclusion, I had a great experience here, and would absolutely recommend it - and especially Paolino - to anyone. I felt completely comfortable the whole time and ended up with a fantastic tat. I will definitely be coming back here in the not so distant future, and so will my (similarly impressed) boyfriend...I'm already planning my next tattoo. See you soon, guys! And thanks for the awesome first experience!!


Mel, P., New York, NY (5 Stars) 2013

This place is amazing. There are so many places in NYC to get tattooed, but this is the place I go to & trust. They are professional, clean, friendly and have extremely talented artists. I did my homework before choosing this place and I'm so glad I came here for my first tattoo. I cannot say enough good things about this place.

Rous. L. ,North Arlington, NJ (5 Stars) 2013

So I did some research about tattoo shops and I found this to be one of the "great one" to be honest I called to make an appt and the guy on the phone was rude a simple "you have to come in put a deposit down" would have been great so I just said okay bye. I made my friends called for me a day later and someone I think it was a girl answer and explain everything to him. Even though I was upset by the way they satrted I went there anyways and I was nervous cause it was my first tattoo they asked for my Id and Ivan made me feel welcome and took the time to look for a perfect design for my cross tattoo he was helpful and I was upset to find out he only does piercings. I took my friend with me and unfortunately there's an area where u can't have your friend next to you and the artist where busy so they took me upstairs where we waited 10 mins and my friend was able to come with me and help me out trying to fingure out the placing of my cross on my neck. It was an asian guy that help me and was sweet enough to care about the placing even tho it was a small tat. He was nice and manage to make me feel great about getting my tat.I'm happy with my tattoo I make sure to look in the mirror and take pictures of it because its amazing. I want my second tattoo and ill def go there but I would love to know who help me because I want him to help me once again. Best experience ever

Shannon, S., New York, NY (5 Stars) 2013

I got a tattoo about a month ago at Rising Dragon with Alex and love it. It's so much cooler than what I had originally wanted. I am going back next week to get a tattoo I got 10 years ago re-done and I am so excited. The sketch Alex drew for me is amazing. Everyone at Rising Dragon is nice and helpful. I have to cancel and change my appointments a lot because of my kid's schedule and everyone has been very accommodating. I would recommend this place to a friend and my husband likes my tattoo so much he might get one at Rising Dragon soon!

Carlos P., Astoria, NY (5 Stars) 2013

Got my tattoo about three months ago. It was my first. Simone was my artist and did an amazing job. I've already scheduled my next appointment so I can finish off my half sleeve. The entire staff seems really friendly and communication is great there. No complaints.

Dan C., New York, NY (5 Stars) 2012

My brother got a tattoo here with our moms name in script, it looks so clean and professional, that I am considering doing the same with my daughter's name. My brother was very happy with the service he received from his tattooist and absolutely adores his first "ink". i will update this once (if?) i get mine done.

Christine, A., Manhattan, NY (5 Stars) 2012

I went to Rising Dragon on August 17th as a walk-in. I had an idea of what I wanted but Daniel Delgado came up with something so, so, much better than what I can imagine. He did a phenomenal job on my piece. It took about 4 hours but so worth it. People have been amazed on how beautiful it came out. This is my 2nd one @ Rising Dragon. This is the place to go for your first or more tattoos.

My absolute Favorite unsolicited Praise was from Charmaine Alexander in correspondence with her artist Jason, February 9, 2015:

Please thank Darren for me for providing the most ideal space to bring us together in oneness,this space will forever reflects perfect allignment positive energy,light and life within my consciousness. Continue to shine Jason. I AM GRATEFUL...
Dearest Jason :  Thank you for honoring the call of the Universe to perform such a spiritual and meaningful service for my soul yesterday.  Thank you for your unconditional willingness and for a job well done. I appreciate you.   The God in me honor the God in you.   I AM..........GREATFUL. 
with Gratitude  and peace profound. It shall be well with you.
NAMASTE! Charmaine.