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Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos By Darren

I’ve been crazy for Dragons as long as I can remember! I won an art contest in the third grade with a drawing of a castle being attacked by a dragon. Since then I have admired them for their energy and passion for life and the asian symbolism of the dragon being Auspicious for a good life and wisdom.  They appear in the middle of a storm and take over the space, arms and legs reaching, lightning flying, people daunted by it’s energy, but this is merely the energy of nature which can also be at once nurturing and terrifying.

A great symbolic tattoo for anyone who is reaching head first for their goals and not letting anything get in the way. Naturally being fierce, the dragon is also a great guardian spirit. At the very least the power that inhabits its body and the movement of the dragon in it’s space is ornamental and definitely a “cool” tattoo choice. Always.

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