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Alfred - !New Artist!

About Alfred

Alfred has an interesting history haven’t started his tattooing in his homland of the Phillipines. Having a total of a whopping 15 years experience, he’s cut his teeth in busy west village shops and in Time Square. He has a fantastic range and the superb eyesight to make tiny portraits into works of art. He is very versatile with Black and Grey, and his lines are the finest. A very mellow, patient man, he is ideal for your first tattoo or your sleeve. Ask to book with Alfred today!

Tattoos by Alfred

51 West 14th St. Suite 2R New York, NY 10011



Monday1 PM - 9 PM
Tuesday1 PM - 9 PM
Wednesday1 PM - 9 PM
Thursday1 PM - 9 PM
Friday1 PM - 10 PM
Saturday1 PM - 10 PM
Sunday1 PM - 9 PM

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