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About Jace

Our Tattoo Artist Jace (pronounced Ha-Thay) is a wonderfully talented artist from Madrid Spain. He’s been tattooing for well over 12 years and it shows.  All his works contain very precise beautiful line work and very knowledgeable and fun color choices.  Coming from a Graffiti background, he knows how to make his tattoo art bold and make it “pop” off the skin. We are blessed to have him visit us for the past five years and share his great tattoo art with our clients.
Here is a short video clip of him making a tattoo of a Korean Tiger:

Tattoos By Jace

51 West 14th St. Suite 2R New York, NY 10011



Monday1 PM - 9 PM
Tuesday1 PM - 9 PM
Wednesday1 PM - 9 PM
Thursday1 PM - 9 PM
Friday1 PM - 10 PM
Saturday1 PM - 10 PM
Sunday1 PM - 9 PM

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